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EADC appointment

Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends of Dance world!

The first ANNUAL MEETING of the EADC GENERAL COUNCIL was held on June 10th, 2019 in Rimini, Italy. It was a historical day for all EADC members, with representatives from 14 countries taking part in the General meeting. Four hour discussion session was concluded by the Elections of the EADC Presidium. The structure of the Presidium, with President, six Vice-presidents, General Secretary and Sport Directors were approved and based on the election results, the following office holders were appointed:

President : Mr. Stanislav Popov
Vice Presidents : Mr. Manfred Wang, Mr. Marcel de Rijk , Mr. Jerry Abrate, Mr. Leonid Pletnev.
General Secretary and PR & Press director: Ms. Jelena Samuilova (Presidium member)
Sport Director: Mr. Janusz Biały (Presidium member)
Presidium member: Mr. Ihor Mashin

EADC membership committee and competition committee were established. The United Calendar of high-quality competitions in Europe and Asia will be published on the EADC website ( The first EADC Official Amateur Championship will take place in Russia on the 21st of December, 2019, for the following categories:

Amateur Ballroom and Latin

Junior II Ballroom and Latin

The EADC will work towards a productive cooperation with the World Dance Council (WDC) through the affiliate membership to be agreed between the two Organizations.

The EADC will concentrate its activities on communications with different Organizations for the promotion of goals and aims of the EADC.

The EADC is open for constructive cooperation with all interested organizations for the development, popularization and unity of Dance Art on both continents.

EADC Presidium


Upcoming Events

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