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Euro-Asian Dance Council (EADC)


By this we declare establishment of the Euro-Asian Dance Council (EADC). The first EADC meeting was held on 19th of January, 2019 in Vienna, Austria where representatives of 15 countries from Europe and Asia took part.

Our dance world has never experienced such intercontinental unity, support and cooperation before. EADC structure will unite dance Professionals and Amateurs under one umbrella of professional leadership. In past centuries the famous Silk Way united nations on two continents, European and Asian in trade and culture. EADC will concentrate its activities in continuation of those great traditions between East and West following the slogan “One Belt One Road - Friendship through Dancing”. Aims and Goals. EADC is a voluntary international cooperation of dance organizations representing the countries of european and Asian continents.


The philosophy of the EADC will be based upon the principles of democracy and freedom of choice in the World of Dance. EADC is aiming to create a unified space and legal framework for joint cooperative activity, for the development and strengthening of dance culture between EADC members. We will introduce a United Calendar of high-quality competitions in Europe and Asia.


The EADC will work towards a productive cooperation with the World Dance Council (WDC) through an affiliate membership to be agreed between the two Organizations. EADC is open to cooperation with all interested dance bodies for the development of Dance Sport and Culture.  

Euro-Asian Dance Council (EADC)

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